The End of the “3BR 2BA” Description?

Better descriptions higher profits

You might be surprised to hear me say it, but I realize that home shopping is not just looking at photos and virtual tours on-line! Shoppers do a lot of reading, too. Trulia has recently posted a great guide for the ‪Real Estate broker or agent dedicated to making the most of their listing’s impact for the customer.

It’s all about the property description.

Two major take-aways:
1) Your properties will sound more appealing and more helpful.
2) Search engines will push your listings higher, meaning more clicks, more traffic, and more sales!

Check it out. (See below for more help.)

“10 Secret Words To Add To Your Home’s Listing”

P.S. I am beyond thrilled that they include “correct punctuation and grammar” in this list! Hopefully, no more “3BR 2BA” descriptions. Ever.

Do you want some help in learning to write better descriptions? My 17 years in the corporate world included thousands of hours of copy editing. That means REWRITING poorly-written stuff. Call me.